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Sound Design Bundle 2 is our best value and most versatile bundle, designed to cater to all your sound design needs with Weaponiser, Reformer Pro, Igniter and Dehumaniser 2 plugins.

60% Off All Individual Plugins

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Our individual plugins have got you covered whether you’re looking to create powererful monster voices with Dehumaniser 2, perform Foley in your DAW with Reformer Pro, craft intricate weapon sounds and impacts with Weaponiser, produce beautiful compositions with Concept 2, or design realistic vehicle sounds with Igniter.

40% Off Krotos Studio Annual Plan

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Stop spending hours searching, editing, and layering sound effects. Now you can effortlessly shape unique royalty-free sound effects from an ever-growing choice of scenarios.

Up to 70% Off All Other Bundles

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Unlock your best sound design in half the time with complete bundles for sound designers. With powerful tools and tons of premium sound effects in one package. Now you can keep your sound design projects moving forwards.

60% Off All Krotos Sound Effects Libraries

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Including some exciting recent additions such as Mechanical Vol. 2, Modern Cinematic, and Tortured Metal, we’re offering a huge 60% off every single Krotos sound effects library.

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