Space Travel: Free SFX Library for April 2021

We tend to acquire some b-roll sounds that are just as good while working on our sound effects libraries. They just haven’t found a home in one of our sound library bundles yet!

These sound effects are packed into mini collections and offered to our newsletter subscribers as a freebie every month. Keep an eye out for your monthly newsletter and grow your own SFX collection in no time!

This April we’re all about space travel! Take a journey through the depths of the Universe and beyond with an inspiring SFX collection of wormhole jumps, cyber portals, futuristic pass-bys, and spaceship manoeuvres!

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Space Travel Sound Categories:

  • Alien
  • Cyber Portal
  • Drone Passby
  • Electronic Discharge
  • Energy Discharge
  • Flying Passby
  • Futuristic Drone
  • Futuristic Whoosh
  • Jump Out Of Lightspeed
  • Spaceship Manoeuvres
  • Wormhole Jump

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