Roni Size Krotos Concept

Roni Size x Krotos Concept

Mercury award-winning music producer Roni Size’s carreer has been about building something new from whatever was around him. From Bristol youthclub parties, through the white heat of rave and the founding moments of jungle and drum’n’bass, to transforming underground electronic music into something that could be played by a live band on the biggest arena and festival stages, he has at each stage created completely afresh.

Roni Size Presets in Concept

Roni Size contributed a selection of 16 presets to Concept, which come ready to bend, twist and be transformed into something new. Use these patches as your starting point to add intense DnB wobbles, driving jungle basslines and quirky synth sounds to your own track with Concept.

Have a listen through a selection of these patches such as Bass Station, Bake Off Bass, Flying Saucer, or Gated Organ below:

How Roni Size uses Concept in the studio

We visited Roni Size in his Bristol studio to find out more about his background, and how he uses Concept in his set-up. Watch the full interview here.

“Tweak It is like playing poker”

The Tweak It customisation system in Concept lets you generate endless changes to your patch. Roni Size uses the feature for inspiration and to create new variations of his patches: “you just Tweak it, it’s like playing poker”.

Using Audio Input to route through two tracks of drum breaks

Concept allows you to feed multiple audio signals into the plugin, and use these as modulation sources with the Audio Input. Try running two drum tracks through it to create dynamic rhythmical patches!

“The best way I’ve used is by routing it back through a bus, how you’d set up a sidechain. I like putting two tracks of drum breaks through it, and then running it straight back through!”

“XY Capture is really cool!”

Concept’s unique XY Capture lets you draw in your modulation movements to let it affect any parameter in the plugin to achieve interesting results. Roni Size uses these for his evolving reverb or to add saturation to his track.

Watch the full interview:


Concept 2


Buy / Demo Concept

Download a free demo of Concept to explore the soft-synth’s intuitive drag & drop modulation and swift patch-building workflow.

The Roni Size presets all come included in the demo and the full version.

Demo Concept


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