Reformer Pro Animals Bundle

Krotos and Pro Sound Effects have teamed up to bring you a special, limited-edition sound design package. The ‘Reformer Pro Animals Bundle’ comes with Reformer Pro, the award-winning Krotos plugin that lets you design, automate and perform any sound effect in real-time. Combine this with a huge variety of animal sounds from Pro Sound Effects, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly powerful set of creative sound design resources – all at fantastic value!

Reformer Pro Animals Bundle

Get the Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle free with Reformer Pro (worth $298)

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Perform your animal sounds in real time

Featuring wildcats, reptiles, farm animals, a range of apes, marine mammals, insects and other beasts, all professionally recorded around the world.  Simply analyse or combine these creatures to create new ones, import your own libraries, then have fun performing them in real-time via a microphone, controller or instrument. Quickly and easily add textures, replace any sound and discover the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead.

As used in many well-known games and films including Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and the Lion King, Reformer Pro offers a unique and creative workflow that will save you huge amounts of time.

In addition to this collection of animal sounds from Pro Sound Effects, Reformer Pro already comes loaded up with the Krotos Bundle 1. That’s over 3.8GB of additional library content to get you started!

Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle includes:

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Arctic Fox
Borean Orangutan
Bottlenose Dophin
Brown Lemming
Cameroon Cricket
Cats Hissing
Chacma Baboon
Dusky Dolphin
Elephant Seal

Gaboon Viper
Galapagos Carpente
Galapagos Fur Seal
Greengrocer CIcada
Grey Tree Frog
Kerguelen Fur Seal
Poison Dart Frog
Termites Nest
Water Shrew
Wild Boar

library contents

Already own Reformer Pro? The Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle is available to purchase on its own throughout this promotion. 

This content requires users to analyse sounds themselves

Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle Tutorial how to analyse libraries for reformer pro

Are you ready to add power, speed and creativity to your audio projects and start howling, hissing, growling and roaring? The ‘Reformer Pro Animals Bundle’ is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

This bundle is exclusively available from Krotos between 6th-29th August 2019. The Pro Sound Effects Animals Bundle is also available on its own for existing Reformer Pro owners. For more available libraries, visit Pro Sound Effects.