Waterproofs FoleyWaterproofs Foley

Waterproofs Foley

Provided by Krotos.
Take advantage of 145 MB of high-quality waterproofs recordings for your latest foley project. Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH-416 and a DPA 4062, this library contains a superb selection of sound samples that are perfect for rain gear, rain jackets, ponchos, slickers and more.

This library was built specifically for use with Reformer and Reformer Pro – plugins that recompose audio into dynamic, responsive, and highly-realistic sound design instantly.
Download Reformer for free (limited functionality).
Find out more about the benefits of using the more advanced Reformer Pro with your libraries and download a free, 10 day demo here.

$46.80 inc. VAT ($39.00 ex. VAT)