Sound Design Bundle 2Sound Design Bundle 2

Sound Design Bundle 2

The Sound Design Bundle 2 is the complete Krotos package and includes our four flagship products and two library bundles at 30% OFF: Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank, Krotos Bundle 1 Library and Battle Bundle. The ultimate sound design solution at unbeatable value, these unique plugins and libraries offer powerful and high-speed creation of sound and voiceover effects, Foley, creature sounds, weapons, vehicles and much more.

Dehumaniser 2 is a unique sound design tool that produces studio-quality monster and creature sounds in real-time using your voice.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded offers the ability to design weapon sounds more easily, efficiently and creatively – all from within one plug-in.

Reformer Pro makes it possible to perform or automate libraries of sound effects – utilising the world’s first Dynamic Input.

Igniter Full Tank is the new industry standard for creating any real – world or sci-fi vehicle sounds with ease.

Krotos Bundle 1 Library for use with Reformer Pro, is an amazing collection of all our available Reformer sound libraries. From Fruit & Veg and gun Foley to leather and tiger growls, this bundle library is sure to have something that will fit your sound design needs.

Battle Bundle for use with Weaponiser Fully Loaded, features a staggering 5854 high-quality combat sounds – from sword attacks and rapiers to chainmail, shields, metal, hand-to-hand combat, body falls and impacts plus much more.

Get the Sound Design Bundle 2 today and own the most powerful and affordable sound design solution available anywhere! Already own one or several Krotos products but want to upgrade to the Sound Design Bundle 2? See our upgrade pricing here.

$3,474.00 $2,398.80 inc. VAT ($1,999.00 ex. VAT)

Free Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle

Provided by Krotos.

The Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle by Krotos is an extensive collection of high-quality and versatile sound design libraries built for Reformer Pro to allow you to perform your Foley.

This bundle is the first in a new range of Reformer Pro Libraries, and combines the Krotos Clothes Foley Bundle with new additions to offer a complete package of royalty-free SFX for post-production and sound design. This library can be used for a huge range of dynamic foley: ranging from subtle fabric movements to backpack impacts and many more.

Recorded by Krotos with a Rode NTG3 and DPA 4061s, this collection contains a superb selection of 294 files featuring materials such as leather, cotton, zips, jeans, sportswear and bags - ideal for the reproduction every-day Foley sounds.

This library was built specifically for use with Reformer Pro – a Krotos plugin that recomposes audio into dynamic, responsive, and highly-realistic sound design instantly. Reformer Pro is available for a free 10 day demo. Try it here.

This bundle is only compatible with Reformer Pro.

Temporarily unavailable