Reformer Pro ➤ Sound Design Bundle 2

If you have already purchased Reformer Pro, you can upgrade to Sound Design Bundle 2 at a discounted price.

The Krotos Sound Design Bundle 2 combines our four flagship products with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled together into one essential package at amazing value.

Offering flexible, creative and efficient workflows for sound design, audio post-production and game audio applications, the Sound Design Bundle 2 enables you to design creatures, animals, weapons, vehicles, footsteps, Foley and other unique sound effects – advancing creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix.

This upgrade path gives you access to the full Krotos product line: Dehumaniser 2Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully LoadedIgniter Full Tank, and Battle Bundle – all in one discounted package.

Upgrade today to transform your sound design forever

Upgrade to the Sound Design Bundle 2 today and own the most powerful sound design solution available.

$414.00 inc. VAT ($345.00 ex. VAT)

You save $1,656.00 (80%)

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