The Krotos Fundamentals Sound Effects Library offers you an enormous collection of high-quality sound effects, spanning across the most essential categories of sound design.

This 51GB all-rounder contains 5,069 professional and royalty-free SFX components including Ambiences, Weather, Vehicles, Trains, Explosions, Materials, Room Tones, Foley, Footsteps, Surfaces, Magic, Mechanicals, Weapons, and much, much more.

This go-to collection of sound resources is a collection of brand new recordings, designed to cover the absolute fundamentals of sound effects for media, film, TV and games, with high-quality assets, organised to the UCS standard.

Add realism, synchronise sounds to your footage, layer sound effects  effortlessly, and deliver pro-quality projects with this an incredibly flexible library for your collection.

The Krotos Fundamentals Sound Effects Library contains only raw files which can be easily imported into Krotos software (excluding Krotos Studio) if desired.

$281.40 inc. VAT ($234.50 ex. VAT)

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