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Gore Library

Blood, Guts, & Gore Galore!

The Gore Library by SoundMorph is a complete collection of designed and source material audio files of bloody impacts, splatter, body impacts, bone-breaks, horrifying flesh rips, weapon impacts and further gruesome and gory sounds to get your teeth into.

Featuring 894 files, this collection offers a wide-ranging 2.72GB (Weaponiser) and 2.3GB (Reformer Pro) selection of royalty-free SFX components, ideal for any trailer, post-production, game-audio and sound design project.

Gore’s source material was created by Soundmorph in collaboration with Michael Leaning, a UK-based AAA video game sound designer (Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises). 

We’ve adapted this collection to work straight out-of-the box in two of our award-winning plugins, offering you even more gruesome power than the original!

A new powerful workflow

Gore is our first hybrid library, built for use with both the cutting-edge workflows of Reformer Pro and Weaponiser. It is delivered in two parts; one especially designed for Reformer Pro and one for Weaponiser. Both are included in the same price and make use of the entire collection of original designed and source material.

In Reformer Pro, Gore is carefully optimised to interact seamlessly with input from a live mic or pre-recorded audio file in your DAW. Load the library in the software and start designing, automating and performing all your unique horror sounds in real-time. 

In Weaponiser, we’ve designed 41 Presets for instant power and variation. Thanks to Weaponiser’s powerful bank system, these represent an immense gore factory capable of delivering almost unlimited variations to weapon hits, crushes, blood splatters and any other gore elements,. From this collection, thousands of gory assets and variations can be generated and synced to screen immediately or exported for your game audio project.

Although this library was designed for use with Krotos software, we also give you full access to all raw source files for use in a more traditional workflow including embedded metadata for use in Soundminer and Basehead.

Flesh out your collection and horrify your audiences with your own unique ultra-realistic gore sounds!

$154.80 inc. VAT ($129.00 ex. VAT)or 6 interest-free payments of $25.80 with SPLITIT