Ammo & Reloads LibraryAmmo & Reloads Library

Ammo & Reloads Library

Fire up and reload your next project!

The Ammo & Reloads Library by Krotos is a highly specialised collection of gun Foley sound assets, ready to use to build fast and flexible sound effects directly in your DAW using Weaponiser.

This 1.4GB library consists of a variety of 3,261 recorded materials including a wide selection of bullet casings dropping on different surfaces such as concrete, brick, grass, gravel, wood flooring, and more. This library also contains a full collection of real-world gun reloads from 11 different firearms and 5 airsoft guns and sweeteners.

Weaponiser Libraries go beyond ‘designed assets’ offered by other many providers. Our Libraries come straight out of the box as ‘sound design instruments’, ready to be performed, edited and re-shaped at will in countless ways easily in your session, offering enormous value. Speed up your workflow, and add variation and nuance to your post-production or game audio projects.

Each of the 143 Presets is a carefully designed system capable of delivering almost unlimited variations to gun reloads, bullet drops or more, thanks to Weaponiser’s powerful bank system. From this collection, thousands of inspiring assets and variations can be generated and synced to screen immediately. This collection is a fantastic partner to Weaponiser’s Factory Assets; combining existing and new content into presets including shots, reloads and bullet drops.

Although this library was designed for use with Weaponiser, we also give you full access to all raw source files for use in a more traditional workflow including embedded metadata for use in Soundminer and Basehead.

Pull the trigger with huge flexibility and design your next ammo and reloads with incredible flexibility!

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