Sound FX in Seconds – Forest Scene Sound Design with Krotos Studio

In part one of four, we use Krotos Studio to add sound FX to a forest scene. This video covers everything from forest ambience and birdsong to clothing Foley and footsteps.

New to Krotos Studio? see our introduction video here to get to grips with our brand new sound design platform and see what will be explored in these videos.

Watch The Video Below:


Do you want to create sound effects for your videos? I’ll show you how in seconds. Kroto Studio lets you create Hollywood sound in seconds. It’s free and available for download right now. So here’s a scene that needs sound.

I’m going to need a forest background sound, the movement of her jacket, footsteps, and some wind. All of these can be done with the free version of Krotos Studio. Just select your category. I have forest over here. You can turn autoplay on and you can perform your sound.

These are presets that constantly evolve and never repeat, so you never get the same sound twice. Then you can turn autoplay off and whatever you record, it becomes available right away and you can just drag and drop it on your timeline. And here you have it. Now we’re going to need some footsteps. So let’s go to the footsteps preset and find something appropriate for this sort of park that this girl is working in.

I would say this gritty works pretty well. So I can just get the scene running and very much perform in real time. And it’s done!

Let’s also add some Foley, some clothes movement. Again, let’s find something that works here. She has this coat so I can put something like a jacket and it should work pretty well. And again, let’s see it record and perform in real-time.

The last thing that I would like to add is this little gust of wind that is happening over here, which is moving the girl’s hair. So to do that, let’s go into the Whoosh presets and find the airy one. And let’s try a sound that I like.

This works already perfectly, actually. And again, I can just click play and perform the sound.

Now all I need to do is a bit of fine-tuning, just moving a couple of things around and adjusting the levels, but it’s pretty much done!

So what do you think? Easy, right? All the sounds included in Krotos Studio are completely royalty-free. Feel free to use them in any of your projects!

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