Sound FX in Seconds – Fire Sound Effects with Krotos Studio

In part two of our Krotos Studio content series, we demonstrate how you can use Krotos Studio’s whoosh engine to add fire and whoosh Sound FX to a scene quickly and easily. We also add clothing Foley and ambience to this scene using Krotos Studio Free’s other engines

New to Krotos Studio? see our introduction video here to get to grips with our brand new sound design platform and see what will be explored in these videos.

Watch The Video Below:


Do you want to create sound effects for your videos? I’ll show you how in seconds. Krotos Studio lets you create Hollywood sound in seconds. It’s free and available for download right now. So here’s a scene that needs sounds.

We need some fire sounds, we need some sort of background. And he has a leather jacket that we’re going to need to make sounds for. All of those sounds can be created using the free version of Krotos Studio.

Let’s get started with some backgrounds. Let’s go into the Ambiences category. Let’s select suburbs. Let’s turn autoplay on and Let it just play for a little bit.

Increase the traffic. Once I’m happy with it, I can just turn autoplay off. bounce becomes available, and I can just drag and drop it on my timeline. Done!

Let’s add the fire sound. go to whooshes, fire. I can perform something that I’m happy with. Let’s actually put something more like a bonfire.

I can perform it a little bit, then I can stop. And again, bounce becomes available. And again, just drag and drop it on my timeline.

Finally, let’s create a sound for his leather jacket. I can go on Foley,  basic cloth, and this is obviously leather, but we can imagine some metal elements that we can use the keys for. This should work well. So again, just perform this one in real-time.

And there you go. Now, again, just adjust a couple of levels, move a couple of things around, and then done!

So what do you think? Easy, right? All the sounds included in Krotos Studio are 100% royalty-free. Feel free to use them in any of your projects.

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