What is Krotos Studio?

Krotos Studio is a sound platform for all skill levels for creating Hollywood sound in seconds. Stop spending hours searching, editing, layering – you can now create unique and unlimited variations of sounds like never before.

Speed up the way you work with sound effects with the free version of Krotos Studio. You now have access to a collection of high-quality sound effects presets and more exciting ones with Krotos Studio Genesis. We will also show you how to use Krotos Studio, with a series of tutorials.

Stay in touch for future releases of Krotos Studio as we are developing the platform.

Unique & Unlimited Variations of Sounds

You don’t have to spend hours trying to find the right sounds anymore. You can now create unique sounds using presets that will never repeat. They can last as long as you want them to; from 3 seconds to 3 hours. This makes Krotos Studio perfect for a vast range of audio uses for your projects, from film and television post-production, game audio, podcasts, installation or interactive art or more general content creation for social media and beyond. 

Easy Workflow For a Faster Project

Simplify the way you work with sound effects with instant blending of sounds. You can now produce a wide range of sound effects as soon as you load a preset. 

Use Audiosuite in Pro Tools to instantly render any duration of evolving background ambience to your timeline. It will immediately immerse you in the particular environment and then you can quickly adapt and shape it for use in your project. Making your own ambience sound effects has never been easier!

Full Control Over Your Layers

Be as flexible as you want with full control over your layers using multichannel output support, even in this free version. 

Print each layer of the ambience discretely to your timeline as you can in other Krotos plugins. You can now adjust single elements, adjust levels or remove elements that are too present in the mix based on client feedback whilst keeping the feel of the rest of the ambience. 

This workflow is fast, flexible, and efficient, providing a significant increase in speed and workflow within your projects.

Get Krotos Studio Free and Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds