How to use Krotos Studio

As a Standalone App

Krotos Studio Free now ships as a standalone application. You can run this program alongside any video or audio software and the bounce feature will allow you to drag and drop your audio renders directly onto your video timeline or any folder on your device. This will with any video editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Vegas Pro, etc.

In a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Here’s a quick guide to how to use this free version of our latest software, Krotos Studio. We’ll demonstrate what this version does and how to use it in your projects to get some great sounds. This demonstration is in Ableton Live, but the process is applicable to all major DAW’s.

You will learn how to add the plug-in to your session, and get an overview of how it works. Let’s go!

Get Krotos Studio Free and Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds