Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds

Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds

Stop spending hours searching, editing, and layering sound effects. Now you can effortlessly shape unique royalty-free sound effects from an ever-growing choice of scenarios.

1. Pick a Preset

1. Pick a Preset

Choose from an extensive range of over 100 high-quality presets tailored for popular scenarios. Plus, subscribers receive new presets every month.

2. Perform

2. Perform

Shape the sound intuitively and in real-time using your mouse or MIDI controller. Perform your sound to the right timing and length, achieving exactly the right emotion you need.

3. Drag and Drop

3. Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your perfectly crafted sounds directly into your video editing software, game engine, or DAW timeline. It’s that easy!

Preview the Presets

Preview the Presets

Preview four of Krotos Studio’s most loved presets. These examples only scratch the surface of what Krotos Studio can offer.

Want to hear and see every sound effect preset in action?

Our Users Are Loving It

Our Users Are Loving It

“I can now very easily create the perfect sound for my video footage using Krotos Studio.”

Sebastian Friedrich
Video Creator

“This is the most ingenious software I’ve ever used. Anyone doing sound design for cinematic projects 100% needs to use Krotos Studio.”

Matt Burleson
Creative Videographer

“Using Krotos Studio, you can create custom high-quality sound effects with zero audio mixing experience.”

James Marshall
Voiceover Artist

“I wish I had Krotos Studio ambiences for my last project, it would have saved me a lot of time. To do this much with one plugin, in this amount of time, is really impressive!”

Ben Jacquier
Composer, Sound Designer

“Krotos Studio is performance-driven, which makes creating unique and compelling sounds very easy. The dramatic effects it allows are truly impressive. I expect it becoming a go-to tool for my work.”

Charles Maynes
Sound Designer
Letters From Iwo Jima • Twister • SEAL Team

“As someone who has spent way too much time scouring sound effects libraries to find anything even remotely close to what I have been looking for, this is a godsend.”

Post Magazine

We will be adding pro-level control with an advanced edit mode and ability to import your own sounds as we continue to develop the platform through 2023.

Seamless Integration With Video Editing Software and DAWs

Create With Confidence Unlimited Royalty Free Sounds For Any Project

Effortless Sound Design For All

Krotos Studio is accessible to all. Providing you with all-in-one software to help you bring depth, realism, and excitement to your projects through unique and versatile sound effects.

Perfect Your Video With Custom Sounds

Never repeating, and tailored perfectly to your video in seconds. Craft ambiences, Foley, footsteps, weapons, whooshes and more that can easily adapt and last as long as you desire.

Access To Fresh Content Every Month

Regular updates with new sound categories and presets keep your creative toolbox fresh, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve in sound effects creation.


Need help getting set up?
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Getting Started

Need help getting set up?
Learn More

Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Free Forever

Free Forever

No credit card required

Step into the world of Krotos Studio and discover the magic of soundscape creation. Perfect for creators eager to experiment and innovate.

14 versatile sound scenarios in your sonic playground



$119.88 billed annually or $14.99 billed monthly

Unlock your full sonic potential, tailor-made for creators that want to perfect their content.

Cancel at any time

Access to over 100 immersive sound scenarios

Fresh, inspiring scenarios added monthly

Freedom to design limitless, royalty-free sounds for any project

Craft your sound from a plethora of use cases: Ambiences, Cinematic, Foley, Footsteps, Whooshes, Weather, Interface, Weapons, Vehicle and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept monthly / annual payment?

Yes, you can pay either monthly or annually. Plus, we offer a discount for annual subscriptions. Make your selection at checkout.

Can I use Krotos Studio offline?

At this stage you need to be connected to the internet to use Krotos Studio. Without a connection you may find your session is interrupted and you may not be able to use the plugin.

I’m trying to find the Genesis sound pack

The content from Genesis sound pack is now included within the Krotos Studio subscription. The Genesis sound pack is no longer available to buy separately.

I am a Genesis user, can I still use my pack without signing up for a subscription?

Yes, if you already own the content from Genesis sound pack you will still have access.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, absolutely! You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply click cancel within your account. Your subscription will be set to pending cancellation and won’t renew at the next payment date.

Can I perform sounds with MIDI?

Yes, you have the option to use a MIDI keyboard to perform sounds. However, it is available only in certain categories and trigger events. For example, ‘Lazer Pistol’ has MIDI control for fire and reload.

How can I use Krotos Studio?

Krotos Studio is an audio plugin and standalone app. It can run both inside Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) or as a desktop application.

To get started, you will need to sign in to your Krotos audio account (the same account you created to complete the checkout in your browser, to claim your product). You will need to do this in the plugin itself to get started.

To add the plugin to your session, you will need to create a midi or instrument track, and look for it in your plugin list. For use the standalone app, look for the shortcut to Krotos Studio on your desktop (on Windows) or in your applications folder (on Mac).

Does Krotos Studio support Native M1 on Mac?

Yes! Krotos Studio is now fully compatible with Apple Silicon and will run natively on M1/M2 systems.

What DAWs / hosts can I run Krotos Studio in?

We have thoroughly tested on the following hosts, and can guarantee full performance: Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Reaper.

The following hosts have been tested, but you may experience some issues: Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo and Studio One.

Any other DAWs or host software are not supported at this time. You may find that the plugin works as expected, but if you have issues please contact support. We will expand full support for other hosts in due course.

Can I use Krotos Studio with video editing software?

Yes, you can drag and drop sound effects from Krotos Studio into video editing software. This has been tested with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and Vegas, and should apply to all other video editing software.

Is Krotos Studio multi channel / surround compatible?

Krotos Studio supports multiple stereo channel output in all supported hosts. Check our tutorials and the manual for more details. The plugin does not support 5.1 or other surround formats at this time, but the stereo outputs from the plugin can easily be used as part of a surround mix.

Can you run Krotos Studio as a mono plugin?

At this time Krotos Studio is stereo only.

Can I automate the parameters in Krotos Studio?

Yes! When using Krotos Studio as a plugin within a DAW it behaves like most other audio plugins, just add parameters to automation as you would with any other plugin.

The plugin no longer works with my activation key

Krotos Studio no longer uses activation keys. To use Krotos Studio you need to sign in using the same account details you created to complete the checkout in your browser.

I can’t find my login details

If you’re unable to find your login details, don’t worry.
Here’s your options to regain access to your account:

• Check your emails for account registration information.
• Click “Forgot Password” on the login page to reset your password.
• Contact our support team for further assistance.

Why are the assets in the Free version of Krotos Studio downsampled to 44.1 khz/16 bit?

Since we are allowing everyone to access this version of Krotos Studio, we want to keep the download size as small as possible. Higher resolution versions of all audio assets will be available in future versions of the product.

Can I add my own sounds in Krotos Studio?

Not at this time. In this version of Krotos Studio only the factory presets can be used. We aim to include this functionality and control in the future.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Krotos Studio software requires:
A Mac Intel computer with a minimum of 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 4 GB of RAM and the operating system OS X 10.13, or later.
Or, a Windows computer with a minimum of 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 4 GB of RAM, and the operating system Windows 10 or above.

10.5GB disk space (can also be installed on an external drive)

How can I move the Factory Library to a different location?

In the “Burger” Menu that is located on the top left hand side of the UI, please select “Manage Factory Assets” and then “Move Assets”.
From here you can select the location that you wish to use for the Factory Library

Ready to Create
Hollywood Sound
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Ready to Create Hollywood Sound in Seconds?

Get started for free and start creating unique sounds for your projects in seconds.