Krotos Collection
Your Best Sound Design in Half the Time

Five Premium Sound Design Plugins at One Budget-friendly Price

From terrifying monsters, to mind-blowing explosions, and authentic Foley, Krotos Collection has everything you need to create incredible sounds in no time at all.

For Less Than $35/month (billed annually)

Plus a 15% loyalty discount on all sound effects libraries

Save 73% Versus Buying Individual Plugins

Krotos Collection gives you all the tools you need to create incredible sounds in a matter of minutes. You’ll get all of our essential sound design plugins: Reformer Pro, Dehumaniser 2, Weaponiser, Igniter, and Dehumaniser Simple Monsters. Bought separately these plugins cost $1,495, with Krotos Collection you get them all for just $399/yr saving you 73%!

Plus, all active Krotos Collection subscribers enjoy 15% off libraries, always!

Reformer Pro


Perform digital Foley and create organic sound textures.

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Dehumaniser 2


Voiceover, dialogue processing, robot and monster SFX.

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Weaponiser Basic


Create weapons, whooshes, and impacts with variation.

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Design vehicles, engine sounds and drones with ease.

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Simple Monsters


Quick creature vocalisations in a matter of seconds.

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Busy Sound Designers Like Ben Jacquier Already Have Krotos Tools in Their Template

We’re all about speeding up your workflow and enhancing your creativity with performable and exciting plugins.

Ben Jacquier always has Krotos plugins ready to fire up and supercharge his projects. Watch the video see how Ben gets from concept to full sound design with Krotos plugins.

Meet the Creators Making Incredible Sounds With Krotos

Tony Gort, Senior Sound Supervisor

“Krotos is outstanding. Being able to use vocals to create new sound effects offers a whole new level of control

Tony Gort
Senior Sound Supervisor
Tony is known for It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004), Siren (2018) and Partition (2007).

“I use Krotos plugins all the time for footsteps to speed up my Foley design by at least double.”

Joshua Suhy
Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
Joshua is known for Connected (2021), Evenfall (2021) and Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! (2014).

Ryan Felberbaum, Sound Designer

“Krotos plugins offer an easier, faster, and more flexible workflow when designing complex sounds.”

Ryan Felberbaum
Sound Designer, Field Recordist
Ryan is known for A Soul to Steal (2014), The Job Offer (2016) and My Sister, the Angel (2016).

Turn Your Own Libraries Into Performable Assets

Import your own sounds and start creating totally unique variations in an instant

With Krotos Collection you can turn your existing sound effects libraries into performable assets, extending the use of the sound effects you already own.

Jamie Coupar, Sound Designer

“I love the ability to create my own sound libraries and combine multiple sounds at a time. “

Jamie Coupar
Sound Designer
Jamie is known for The Contractor (2018), The Artist (2009) and A Meeting of the Minds (2016).

“Krotos saves me so much time in the Foley process, and sounds great every single time!”

Patrick Giraudi
Sound Designer
Patrick is known for Austin Powers (1997), Mulholland Drive (2001) and Twilight (2008).

Mark Lanza, President at Motion Picture Sound Editors

“Krotos allows me to take ordinary sounds and twist them in new ways while speeding up my workflow.”

Mark Lanza
President at Motion Picture Sound Editors
Mark is known for Independence Day (1996), True Lies (1994) and Homeland (2011)

Ammo Reloads Library
Battle Bundle Library
Boom Cinematic Metal Bundle-Library
Clothes Materials Foley Bundle Library
Clothes Materials Foley Sound Effects Library
Coll Anderson Foley Bundle Library
Coll Anderson Pigs Library
Dark Ambiences Library
Destruction Sound Effects Library
Electronics Bundle Library
Elements Bundle Library
Everyday Foley Library
Explosions Sound Effects Library Cover
Explosive Energy Sound Effects Library
SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms 2 Library
SoundMorph Energy Library Library
Soundmorph Portal Library
SoundMorph Gore Library
Magic Library Library
Mechanical Library
SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms Library
SoundBits Demolition Sound Effects Library
SoundMorph Intervention Library
Surfaces Bundle Library

15% Loyalty Discount

On All Sound Effects Libraries, Always!

As a Krotos Collection subscriber, you’ll benefit from a 15% loyalty discount on all our sound effects libraries. This discount is available throughout your subscription.

It even applies to Weaponiser and Reformer Pro libraries by Boom, SoundMorph, SoundDogs, Mattia Cellotto, SoundBits, Paul Staughton, Coll Anderson, and Silverplatter Audio.

Pricing Comparison

Best Value!

Individual Plugin

Ideal for:
Busy sound designers who want to nail one aspect of their sound design workflow.




Reformer Pro
(Individual Plugin Example)

Krotos Collection

Ideal for:
Sound pros and content creators who need lots of powerful audio tools at their disposal




15% Loyalty Discount on SFX Libraries


Reformer Pro

Weaponiser Basic

Dehumaniser 2


Dehumaniser Simple Monsters

3,477 Sounds

11.3GB Assets

712 Presets

What’s included (PDF)

Sound Design Bundle 2

Ideal for:
Pro sound designers who need lots of powerful tools and libraries at hand.




Reformer Pro

Weaponiser Fully Loaded

Dehumaniser 2

Igniter Full Tank

Here’s How You Save 73% With Krotos Collection

ProductStandard Price
Reformer Pro$399
Dehumaniser 2$399
Weaponiser Basic$199
Dehumaniser Simple Monsters$99
Bought separately these plugins cost $1,495, with Krotos Collection you get them all for just $399/yr saving you 73%! Plus, all active Krotos Collection subscribers enjoy 15% off libraries, always!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Krotos Collection created?

We at Krotos want to enable everyone to experience our plug-ins by offering the option of subscribing to them for a very affordable price.

Can I use any project I create after the subscription is over?

Yes. Projects that have already been completed during the subscription period retain their licence and can still be commercialised. For more details on the matter see our ToS.

I have subscribed to Krotos Collection. Can I upgrade to a perpetual licence bundle?

Yes. You can upgrade to Krotos Everything Bundle 3 or Ultimate Bundle 3 discounted by the yearly cost of subscription to Krotos Collection.

I already own some Krotos plugins included in Krotos Kore. Can I get a  discount for Krotos Collection?

No. We did our best to offer Krotos Collection at a very competitive price enabling people to use all our plugins for a fraction of their original price therefore we cannot offer any additional discount to that package.

Are there any subscription options for individual plug-ins?

No. Currently, Krotos Collection is the only subscription available.

Can I subscribe for less than a year?

No. In order to offer all of our plug-ins at such an affordable price, the minimum duration of subscription we can offer is one year.

How do I access and redeem the 15% library discount coupon that comes with my Krotos Collection subscription?

You will receive your 15% loyalty discount coupon in your post-purchase welcome email.

This coupon provides you with a 15% discount on any sound effect library on our website, either Krotos-produced or from a third party such as Boom Library, Sounddogs, Soundmorph, Silver Platter Audio etc. You can use this coupon as many times as you wish.

Please note:

  • Your coupon will be valid as long as you have an active subscription.
  • Your coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.
  • Your coupon will not be valid on already-discounted libraries, such as during a sale.

Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you do not see this email in your main inbox. If you have checked your junk/spam folder and have still not received your email, please contact support and we will look into this for you.

How many devices can I have connected with Krotos Collection?

Your Krotos Collection subscription can be used on two devices simultaneously

Which libraries come included with Krotos Collection?

Krotos Collection comes with the stock libraries for each of our plugins. These are the equivalent to our Weaponiser: Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank, and Reformer Pro individual plugins.

After the year of subscription, do the plugins become mine?

The plugin is a subscription model, not a rent-to-own model. At the end of your subscription, you can choose to renew for another year or cancel your subscription. Should you wish to cancel, access to the plug-ins will be revoked.