Attention sound designers! Do you have difficulty finding sound effects resources that offer both quality and quantity without breaking the bank? We know it can feel like a daunting quest.

Dive into the world of Krotos Sound Effects Library Collections and discover powerful sound design building blocks that will transform your projects. With popular use cases comprehensively covered in a single collection, sound designers can now access a treasure trove of top-tier sounds without the premium price tag.

Why Choose Krotos Sound Effects Library Collections?

Comprehensive SFX Collections Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re crafting the perfect sci-fi soundscape or capturing the subtle nuances of real-world Foley, Krotos has got you covered. With collections handpicked by Krotos to include sounds by the industry’s best sound recordists and designers, you’re not just getting a library; you’re getting a treasure trove of sound design inspiration.

Explore Foley Vol. 1, Foley Vol. 2, Sci-Fi, Combat, Animals, and Destruction collections now.

Double the Value with Integrated Libraries

Unlike traditional library providers, Krotos offers both WAV files and plugin integrations straight out of the box. Now you can seamlessly integrate these sounds into your Krotos plugins or use them in any existing workflow. It’s like having a traditional sound library and a set of performable sound library instruments, all in one.

Unleash a World of Varied, Performable Sound

Use Krotos sound effects alongside Krotos plugins to discover an infinite range of sounds. Trigger sounds using your mic (or any audio input) in Reformer Pro or your MIDI keyboard with Weaponiser. This means you can uncover a world of varied, performable sound, taking your projects to new heights.

Go Beyond Traditional Sound Libraries

Robb Wenner of New Noise Music & Sound Design says, “Krotos sound libraries have shortened the amount of time to create interesting sounds… All of Krotos’ products are very inspirational and provide a lot of creative choices and customisation.”

With Krotos Sound Effects Library Collections, you’re not just accessing sounds; you’re unlocking a world of creative potential.

Use-Case Centred Solutions

Consider the SciFi Collection, boasting a massive 46GB of audio files, 413 Reformer Pro Packs, and 324 Weaponiser presets. With this Collection you can create SciFi SFX at lightning speed, with countless designs ready to go or inspire your custom sound effect. Your clients will be in awe!

With Krotos Sound Effects Library Collections, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these collections are an invaluable resource that will supercharge your projects and inspire your creativity.

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