From stunning ambiences to mind-blowing explosions and Foley, Krotos Collection has everything you need to create incredible soundscapes in no time at all.

What is Included in Krotos Collection?

With Krotos Collection, you get powerful and innovative audio tools that will elevate your sound design, keep your creativity flowing, and ensure your projects are moving forwards.

Dehumaniser 2

Create detailed creatures, monsters and robot sound effects with our iconic vocal processor.

Dehumaniser: Simple Monsters

Create quick creature vocalisations in a matter of seconds.

Reformer Pro

Give your libraries a new lease of life. Perform Foley and create organic sound textures with a microphone or MIDI.

Weaponiser Basic

Create weapons, whooshes, and impacts and more with tonnes of variation. No need for tedious layering


Design vehicles, engine sounds and drones with ease.

Save 73% Versus Buying Individual Plugins

For less than $35/month, Krotos Collection is the perfect package for sound designers in the making, helping them to create powerful sound FX using our dynamic, performative workflow.

Bought separately these plugins cost $1,495 in total. With Krotos Collection you get them all for just $399 per year, saving you 73%.

Plus, you get a 15% loyalty discount on all our sound effects libraries throughout your subscription, including libraries by Boom Library, SoundMorph, SoundDogs, Mattia Cellotto, SoundBits, Paul Stoughton, Coll Anderson, and Silverplatter Audio.

You Can Try Krotos Collection for Free

If you still would like to try the plugins before beginning your Krotos Collection subscription, why not download the 10-day trial to see how much time can be saved with Krotos Collection? The trial will give you access to all of the tools in the Krotos Collection subscription for free, for 10 days.

So Many Sound Designers Already Have Krotos Collection Plugins in Their Template


Because we’re all about faster workflows and enhancing creativity. The creators below keep our plugins at the ready, to supercharge their projects.

Take a look at the videos below to see them in action!

Seb Jarvis – Magic spell sounds with Weaponiser

Sound designer Seb Jarvis uses both Reformer Pro and Weaponiser Basic to create shimmering spell sounds in a redesign sounds from Hogwarts: Legacy.

This this video shows a great workflow for creating sound libraries from your own sound effects using Weaponiser for fast sound effect variations.

Greg Lester – Game audio with Reformer Pro

Greg Lester is a sound designer at Sound Cuts, having worked on The Quarry and other titles. In this video he creates some excellent sounds for video games using just his voice and Reformer Pro, to demonstrate Reformer Pro’s fun and performative workflow.

James David Redding III – Forest thriller scene with Igniter

James David Redding III has designed and edited sound effects for countless incredible projects, including The Matrix, The Queen’s Gambit and The Patient. Here he uses Igniter to create some essential sound effects for a forest thriller scene. Check the video out to see Igniter’s versatility really come into action.

Ready to subscribe?

Here’s a quick recap of how you’ll benefit from Krotos Collection:

  • Five premium sound design plugins, one budget-friendly price
  • Save 73% versus buying the individual plugins
  • Speed up your workflow and enhance your creativity
  • Turn your own libraries into performable assets
  • 15% loyalty discount on all sound effects libraries throughout your subscription

For Less Than $35/month (billed annually)