This is the pinnacle of footstep sound effects libraries, designed to work effortlessly and exclusively with Weaponiser. We have taken the variation capabilities to a whole new level, to create a comprehensive footsteps SFX library that is full of use cases.

With more footwear and more surfaces than we have ever recorded before – recorded by professional sound designers who have worked on some of the biggest AAA Game titles including Horizon: Zero Dawn そして、 Ratchet and Clank, we have thought through every little detail that goes into a footstep sound generator, to achieve a library that shines when used with Weaponiser’s variation engine.

What’s included?

  • Over 8,000 standalone .WAV files (over 1.3GB size/over 8,000 assets)
  • All of the footsteps as unedited ‘Sausage’ files to accommodate all workflows
  • Over 180 ready to go presets for Weaponiser covering seven types of footwear, from barefoot to boots
  • Footsteps recorded on 19 different surfaces including indoor & outdoor environments and weather conditions

$214.80 消費税VATが含まれています。 ($179.00 消費税抜き付加価値税)