Introducing: Concept 1.2.0 Update

New Filters, Drag & Drop FX Reordering, Added Presets, MIDI Learn and a new lower price!

This latest version of Concept adds new creative options and improves workflow when using the plugin.

We’ve listened to your feedback and added a series of much requested features!

If you’re familiar with Simple Concept, there has never been a better time to check out it’s bigger, bolder partner plugin. 

The core Concept engine just got even more powerful, and even easier to use.

What’s New in Concept 1.2.0?

New Filters Added

FX Rack Reordering

MIDI Learn Added

20 New Presets Added

Various stability fixes

New Lower Price

New Filter types added

(Formant, 12db High Pass, 12db  Low Pass, 24db Bandpass, 12db Bandpass)

Extend your creative palette with filters that mimic the human voice (Formant) or give you more control over shaping your sound. The new additions to the Ladder Filter (for High Pass, Low Pass and Bandpass) are all equipped with Drive, to push those aggressive synth sounds even further. Remember that these new filter types can also be used in the ‘Filter’ in the FX rack, giving you up to 4 filters run in series or parallel!

FX Rack Reordering with drag and drop

Simply grab the ‘double headed arrow’ in the corner of any FX rack, and drag upwards or downwards to change the routing of your FX on the fly! This is a fantastic way to explore Concept’s in-built FX and can produce some exciting and unexpected results at high speed.

Midi Learn added

Simply right click on any parameter and assign it to your MIDI controller from within Concept. You can also save and recall these mappings from the Menu. MIDI mappings are saved across presets and in your session, improving speed and flexibility of work.

Active/inactive states in Oscillator and FX rack UIs for improved workflow

Now it’s easier than ever to track what is happening in Concept. Any inactive section of the plugin (including all Oscillators and FX) will ‘grey out’, so you can quickly see at a glance what is affecting your sound.

New Lower Price:

£68 | $99 | €79

£99  |  $129  |  €119

Concept also gets a permanent price-drop!

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“Concept is designed to make sound-shaping easy”

– Sound On Sound

How do I update to the latest version?

If you already own Concept, or have a demo installed, you will be prompted automatically to download the latest version when you next open the plugin. You can check your version manually by going to Menu > Update in the top bar of the plugin.

You can also access latest versions of any Krotos plugin in the ‘My Downloads’ section of your account when logged in on the Krotos website.


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