Free Epic Whoosh Sound Effects

Free Whoosh Sound Effects 2022 – Volume XI

This month’s free library, “Epic Whoosh Sound FX” contains a range of free whoosh sounds for you to download and add to your collection. Short whips, long bassy booms, epic stingers and more are all included in this pack designed in-house by Krotos.

These are great layers for transitions, build-ups, trailer stringers, spaceships, sci-fi, guns and many more use cases, all royalty-free! To start your collection of free sound effects, sign up for our newsletter and receive new interviews, educational tutorial content, and more alongside your monthly sound collection.

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Reformer Pro is a unique ‘sound design instrument’, that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound...
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Foley, Cloth Movement, Whooshes, Backgrounds, Materials, Textures, Sweeteners Foley is the process of recording and reproducing everyday sound effects that are...
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Foley, Gore, Historical, Materials, Textures, Sweeteners Featuring sound effects created by Soundbits, Soundmorph, Sounddogs, and Coll Anderson, Foley Collection Vol. 2...
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Provided by Krotos.Choose from 3.57GB of high-quality concrete, hand rub, gravel, grass, leaf, twig, plywood, shoe, and wood recordings...