We have partnered with the Sound FX Swap this month, bringing a library of weird ambiences and texture sound effects to the community.

What is the SFX Swap?

The SFX swap is a new project which addresses a real problem for sound designers.

Sound designers do not have the time to search internet forums and Reddit threads to find free crowd-sourced sound effects. As a result, many excellent sound effects opportunities are missed.

The SFX Swap is looking to change that. It is a new crowd-sourced sound effects project that is revolutionising sound design. It gives sound designers access to a wide array of sound effects for their projects for the price of a single sound effect.

How the Swap Works

Every month, for one week, sound designers from around the world submit a sound effect to the platform.

At the end of that week, you they receive all of the files that were submitted. What’s more, the SFX swap partners with sponsored content creators from professional sound designers and sound effects providers, including Krotos this month!

Free Crowd Sourced Sound Effects Swap

How to Participate in the SFX Swap

To enter, all you need to do is submit a minimum of one sound effect at SFXSwap.com. You can share more if you want to, but you only need to submit one sound of your own creation to access all of the other sounds!

How Many Sound Effects Do You Get in the SFX Swap?

Previous crowd-sourced sound effects swaps have featured over a thousand sound effects. That’s a total of over 13GB of audio content. Not to mention, this number is getting bigger every month.

The libraries feature a huge variety of sound effects from Foley to sci-fi weapons and more! You can access all these in one easy-to-download file.

Be sure to check out SFX Swap and get a huge library, and meet a community of sound designers!

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