Fabric Foley: Free Sound Effects Library for June 2021

We tend to acquire some b-roll sounds that are just as good while working on our sound effects libraries. They just haven’t found a home in one of our sound library bundles yet!

These sound effects are packed into mini collections and offered to our newsletter subscribers as a freebie every month. Keep an eye out for your monthly newsletter and grow your own sound effects collection in no time!

This June we’re bringing you fabric Foley sounds. We’re giving you a range of materials including denim, nylon, plastic and wool to help you add a sense of movement to your projects. These sound effects have been professionally designed and recorded by the team here at Krotos – you won’t find them anywhere else!

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Fabric Foley Sound Free Library

Fabric Foley Sound Categories:

  • Denim patting/shaking Foley
  • Denim rubbing Foley
  • Nylon rubbing Foley
  • Plastic netting patting/rubbing Foley
  • Plastic netting rubbing Foley
  • Wool clothing shaking Foley
  • Wool clothing rubbing Foley

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