Footsteps Sound Effects – Without a Foley Stage

Weaponiser. Footstep-iser? Traileriser? Whooshifier!  OK, i’ll stop.

It had to be named something, but behind the name is a powerful multi-layered one-shot sampler with variation at the heart of its workflow.

Of course, it is perfect for weapons, but it is actively used for lots of use cases, by freelancers & game audio designers, and even in Hollywood post-production studios by sound designers who want to work smarter, not harder. Take footsteps for example…

Fast track your footsteps sound effects, and make it fun to do so!

Using the Footsteps SFX collection for Weaponiser, now you can fast track your editing routine tasks. In the video below, we show you how we used the Footsteps bundle in Weaponiser in conjunction with Reformer Pro to create the sound effects for our promotional video.

With Weaponiser, You can make your foley footsteps realistic and full of variation, ready to be slotted into your projects.

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