A Powerfully Simple, Yet Simply Powerful Synth

Concept 2 takes the award-winning synth VST and supercharges it in exciting and creative ways, making it faster and a whole lot more satisfying to find your sound.

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New Granular Oscillator

Sound design like never before with our new granular oscillator. Instead of using a fixed waveform, these oscillators use any audio file as a source, slicing them into tiny segments and opening up whole new worlds for sound designers. Massive pads, basses, drops & hits, dense atmospheres, even room tones and ambiences can be enlivened with ease in Concept 2.

The granular oscillator is incredibly easy to use. Use any of the 300+ included audio files, or simply drag and drop your own sounds into the engine, and use the new menu system to easily navigate through them. You can now switch between or combine classic and granular oscillators, making it easier than ever to experiment and create your own sound.

Advanced Shape Modulator

Responding to user feedback, a new Advanced Shape modulator has been added to Concept 2. This goes way beyond traditional LFOs and Envelopes, allowing you to design your own shapes with custom breakpoints and curves, to be used as an LFO or envelope to control any parameter in the plugin. Concept 2’s modulation system is semi-modular and you can combine the multiple instances of Advanced Shape with any other collection of modulators for one of the simplest, most powerful modulation workflows in the synth world.

Workflow Improvements

A ‘user folder’ has been added to both menus in the granular oscillator and convolution reverb, so you can browse and grab your favourite sounds from your own library quickly from within the plugin at any time.

The best optimisation techniques have been applied to Concept 2, making it leaner and more efficient than ever before. Reduced CPU = more instances!

Presets. Lots of presets.

Concept 2 now includes over 700 presets, with a vast range for use in music, as well as cinematic / game audio projects. There are now dedicated preset categories for ‘Cinematic’, ‘FX’ and ‘Ambiences’ as well as classics like basses, pads, leads and keys.

Impulse Responses

We’ve massively expanded the range of Impulse Responses (IRs) for use in your designs – now over 160 IRs come with Concept 2, and you can add your own easily by dragging and dropping them into the waveform view in the Convolution Reverb.

Concept 2 Impulse Responses
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