Dehumaniser Simple Monsters allows you to perform your sound design creatively and with limitless flexibility. Today, Matthew Collings, our Head of Product, shares 5 super cool things you can do that are guaranteed to unleash your inner beast!

Simple Monsters

1. Big Sound, Simple Controls

We’ve taken the core processing from our acclaimed, industry-standard Dehumaniser 2 plugin and squeezed it into a compact, simple to use user interface.

Although these handful of controls might look simple, they hide a series of complex, interlocking relationships hidden from view. Instead of adjusting just a single parameter, the controls in Simple Monsters control a web of interlocking processing.

A subtle change in one influences the whole processing ecosystem or filters, mixing of layers, and other processing. This makes Simple Monsters even more powerful and unexpected than it first appears!

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2. Intuitive Performance

Flip the main UI from sliders to XY pads and assign any parameter to either X or Y axis of either pad using the dropdown menus.

Experiment or perform quickly and easily by controlling multiple parameters from a single control (particularly handy when using our Touch OSC integration, but more about that later). This is superb for experimentation or live performance.

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3. Add Animal Sounds

Simple Monsters includes 47 high-quality animal recordings to include in your designs. Everything from Tigers to Magpies can be added as a layer or blended with the incoming audio to create a unique sound effect.

But did you know you can add your own sounds to this module? Using the buttons above the waveform display, you can import a single file or a whole folder of audio files to be part of your designs.

This can help personalize your monstrous creations and take your sound design to the next level.

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4. Remote Control

With our Touch OSC integration, control your performance from the vocal booth, the stage or in the studio. Leveraging the power of the touch screen, this series of custom built templates for your phone and tablet allow you to control multiple parameters simultaneously, and remotely. This does require purchasing the Touch OSC app for iOS or Android (although it is very affordable!). This add-on can easily unlock a great performance and help voice actors reach new heights.

5. Go Wild!

You don’t often see a slider called ‘Wildness’ on a plugin UI! But what does it mean?Not to reveal too much about our secret, bloody sauce, but ‘Wildness’ adds variation and randomness to a huge number of parameters under the hood of the plugin UI, making the sound more unpredictable, and well, WILD!

If you’re looking for an edge to the sound you’re working on, or just need something unpredictable, try increasing this slider.If I was to design the sound of a demented zombie on fire, this is what I would reach for…It is that time of year after all!

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