Using Weaponiser to Create Footsteps Sound Effects

As well as primarily being a weapon sound design plugin, Weaponiser has powerful and efficient functions, which lend themselves perfectly for dynamic asset creation for Foley outside of weapons.

Our new Footsteps SFX collection for Weaponiser now allows you to flexibly create and perform responsive footstep sound design in Weaponiser.

In this tutorial video, we show you how we used the Footsteps bundle in Weaponiser in conjunction with Reformer Pro and our Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle to create the sound effects for our promotional video.

Try a free 10 day demo

Weaponiser is available for a free 10 day trial period so you can take your time to evaluate the software.

Weaponiser Footsteps bundle
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Provided by Krotos. The Footsteps Bundle is a comprehensive collection of 1885 dynamic shoe, step and surface assets...
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Provided by Krotos. The Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle by Krotos is an extensive collection of...