Accusonus and Krotos Launch the Clean Monsters Bundle

Accusonus and Krotos have joined forces to offer you a special, time-limited bundle until 26th May 2019.

Sound editing and recording, sound design, voice overs, dialogue editing and ADR: today the boundaries are blurred. Recording clean, high-quality, extreme voice-over effects, whether in real-time or during the audio post production process, can be a challenging task. Many filmmakers and sound designers discover problematic background noise that’s impossible to shut off, or plosive issues recorded via a poorly placed microphone or sloppy performance.

Good news is, you don’t have to struggle with any of that anymore and can save hours of editing time. The Accusonus & Krotos Clean Monsters Bundle, offers you 2 single-knob Accusonus ERA plug-ins to get rid of unwanted distortions in seconds and Dehumaniser Simple Monsters from Krotos, which enables you to perform a range of extreme voice over effects, monster sound effects, robot sound effects, alien sound effects, sci-fi sound effects and much more.

Voice Over Sound Bundle
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How to Use Clean Monsters for Monster Sound Voice Overs

First, import your problematic dialogue onto an audio track in your DAW, load up the ERA Noise Remover plugin and with the turn of a single knob, clean up a specific part of the frequency spectrum that needs fixing – be it noisy background traffic, wind, air conditioning, freezer hums etc…

Next, remove any loud, plosive sounds detected at the beginning of sentences (which are often hard to remove by hand due to various inconsistencies) by loading up the ERA Plosive Remover, turn the knob and instantly detect and fix unnatural thumps (such as “p”, “t” and “b”).

The internal processing for both plugins seems quite complicated, but the results are very impressive.

Finally, load up Simple Monsters, browse our selection of ‘Dialogue’, ‘Sci-fi’, ‘Growls and Roars’ presets, explore the 5 dynamic parameters, sample scrubbing function and quickly transform your cleaned-up dialogue into any sort of creature. Pick between a slider layout or X/Y Pads interface, assign elements to each axis and coax unpredictable results from the plugin.

Now that’s what we call a noisy monster make-over!

“I couldn’t live without my Dehumaniser Simple Monsters plug-in, so here is an opportunity to get it on sale and bundled with ERA Noise Remover and Plosive Remover at a great price.” – Mark Lanza (Sony Pictures)

Find out more and get this unique bundle for for only $99 and save 59%!*

* offer ends 26th May 2019.

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