Krotos develops innovative technologies that fundamentally change the way sound effects are created. Krotos’ Dehumaniser wowed Hollywood and the video game industry by making it possible for actors to perform other-worldly creature growls in blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Jungle Book, Far Cry 4, Doom, and many more. Now, with the launch of Reformer, Krotos makes it possible to actually design sound effects with your voice or any other live audio input.

Unleashed from the constraints of the mouse and keyboard, Reformer allows sound artists to sculpt effects in real-time. Imagine using your voice to design a dramatic explosion in an action movie.  Artists can go beyond using the voice, and use any audio input to design a sound effect. For example, the engine revs of a street racer can be re-formed into ferocious black panther snarls.

Reformer is now available as a plugin for the Avid Pro Tools digital audio workstation and other popular sound editorial environments. Visit krotosaudio.com to download Reformer and the Black Leopard sound effects library for free, and purchase additional sound effects libraries.

Krotos founder Orfeas Boteas explained that, “Reformer uses artificial intelligence and advanced signal analysis to allow you to perform sound effects with your voice or any other audio input.  In real-time, Reformer profiles the input sound, and then drawing from a palette of user-selected library sounds, uses that profile to sculpt a new sound effect.”  Bryan Celano, supervising sound designer on hit franchises like Dead Space, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, and Metal Gear Solid, commented that, “From the second I first spoke into the mic and heard the output from Reformer, I was very excited. It’s an awesome new way to work with sound effects libraries.”

Krotos has produced custom sound effects libraries for Reformer and partnered with renowned sound effects library producers like BOOM Library and SoundBits to make over 100 libraries available to users. BOOM creator Axel Rohrbach said, “Reformer is a very inspiring and fun way to use sound libraries. It easily and smoothly blends audio material.”

About Krotos

Based in Edinburgh’s bustling tech hub, Krotos creates unique audio technology solutions used in video game, film, TV, and VR productions worldwide. Their first product, Dehumaniser Pro, was launched November 2013 to rave reviews, and in 2017, Krotos secured an angel investment round of funding from award-winning video game pioneer, Leslie Benzies.